How a Personal Injury Lawyer Handles a Case

Newport Beach personal injury attorney

The first step in a personal injury case will include one or two initial meetings with your Newport Beach personal injury attorney. You’ll explain what happened to cause your injury. Then, the work begins on several fronts. Your claim likely has many components, and an investigation of it will include some or all of the steps below:

1. Witness statements
2. Hiring an investigator
3. Collecting police reports
4. Reading medical reports*
5. Visits to the scene
6. Review of laws made by judges who’ve interpreted the case laws on the books
7. Review of case laws – These are the statutes enacted by your state and federal legislators.

Your Newport Beach personal injury attorney will get in touch with the insurance company of the business or person who is responsible for your injuries. As the Newport Beach personal injury lawyer works to complete the steps above, they’ll also be in contact with you and may ask you these questions:

1. Are you keeping track of potential witnesses in the case?
2. Are you following the doctor’s orders?
3. Are you properly recording the loss of income from your employer?
4. Are you doing what you can do to get better?
5. Are you making sure your Newport Beach personal injury attorney has copies of medical bills and expenses?

*Medical reports and records are specific documents and are acquired through special authorization forms. Your lawyer will help you obtain the proper forms.

8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Newport Beach Personal Injury Attorney Get the Best Result in Your Case

Most people believe that a personal injury lawyer Newport Beach with a track record of favorable outcomes is an essential ingredient in winning a personal injury case. However, other factors can help you secure a favorable result in your case.

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