Potential Defendants

As you discuss your case with an experienced Newport Beach personal injury law office, your Newport Beach personal injury law officelawyer will ask about other parties that were involved in the case. In some cases, more than one individual or business is responsible for the damages that you occurred. When this situation arises, the Newport Beach personal injury law office that represents you will consider multiple parties as potential contributors in the accident.

Potential Questions
In order to determine each potentially liable party, your Newport Beach personal injury law office may ask a series of questions. Some questions may include:

  • Was the defendant working at the time of the accident or driving a vehicle with a commercial name on it?
  • Was the contractor who was responsible for maintaining the roadway in violation of any duties that contributed to the accident?
  • Was a driver’s view obstructed because of a landowner’s failure to tend to foliage?
  • Were there any other reasons for an obstruction of a driver’s view?
  • Was a private company responsible for traffic signals that malfunctioned at the time of the accident?
  • Did the accident involve a defect, such as failed brakes or an exploding tire?
  • Was the driver who was responsible for the accident drunk? Had she recently left a bar or other establishment that served him or her liquor?
  • Was the accident a hit-and-run crash that would require you to file a claim under you own insurance policy?

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