How Much Can You Collect in Wrongful Death Damages?

wrongful death damagesIf your loved one passed away unexpectedly due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you are likely unsure of what to do next. We can help you make a claim for the wrongful death damages that you deserve. Although financial compensation will not bring back your loved one, it can relieve some of the stressors caused by this loss. Call Russell & Lazarus APC today at (949) 851-0222 to find out how we can help you.

What Is a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death occurs when someone dies due to the wrongful actions of another person. Wrongful actions include negligent and reckless acts and failure to act. When those actions cause someone to sustain fatal injuries, their loved ones can file a wrongful death claim. These claims allow families to recover wrongful death damages to help cover the costs caused by someone else’s irresponsible actions.

How Much Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Worth?

Wrongful death claims can result from an array of incidents, from intentional homicides to car accidents. Wrongful deaths can involve significant expenses that families deserve to recover from the person responsible. However, there is no formula that can determine exactly how much a wrongful death lawsuit is worth. An experienced attorney can evaluate your wrongful death damages and help you understand how much your case may be worth.

What Are Damages?

In a wrongful death claim, damages are the losses caused by a negligent or reckless act. You can obtain financial compensation for your damages. When you make a claim for wrongful death damages, you may assert an amount of compensation that you deserve based on the losses you’ve incurred. Those losses may be both monetary, such as medical expenses and lost wages, and non-monetary, such as pain and suffering. An attorney at Russell & Lazarus APC can help you understand your damages and what you deserve.

Types of Wrongful Death Damages

When your loved one is fatally injured, you may have extensive losses for which you deserve to be compensated. Our skilled lawyers at Russell & Lazarus APC can help you obtain the following wrongful death damages:

  • Medical Expenses – If your loved one incurred medical expenses due to the injuries they received prior to death, then you shouldn’t have to pay those costs. Let us help you recover compensation from the person responsible.
  • Lost Income – If your loved one had lived to their estimated life expectancy, they would have earned additional income. We can help you obtain compensation for the loss of the family member’s financial contributions that they would have obtained throughout their lifetime.
  • Lost Inheritance – You would have inherited a certain amount of money if your loved one had lived a full life. We can help you obtain the value of that lost inheritance.
  • Funeral and Burial Costs – If your loved one had not been fatally injured, you would not have had to plan a funeral and bury your loved one. Let’s make sure the person responsible pays for those costs.
  • Loss of Care, Support, Maintenance, Advice, and Counsel – If your loved one had lived, they would have provided their entire family with support. We can help you obtain expert opinions that quantify this and other wrongful death damages.
  • Loss of Love, Companionship, and Comfort – If you lost a spouse, you’ve lost the love and support of a partner. This devastating situation deserves adequate compensation.

There are an array of wrongful death damages that you can claim after the death of a loved one. Any loss that you incur due to someone else’s actions can be recovered through a wrongful death claim. Let our attorneys evaluate your case and guide you through your case.

Who Can Recover Wrongful Death Damages

Although friends and entire families can be impacted by the death of a loved one, only certain people can recover wrongful death damages under California law. The following people can file a wrongful death claim:

  • The surviving spouse
  • A domestic partner
  • Children of the deceased
  • Any heir to the deceased
  • A minor dependent who lived with the deceased for at least 180 days
  • The deceased’s personal representative

There are situations where family members may be able to make a claim if their loved one wrongfully died. Call our wrongful death lawyers to find out more about California wrongful death law.

We Can Help You Recover Wrongful Death Damages

Wrongful death damages can be extensive. You may have lost a significant amount due to someone else’s actions or failure to act. You deserve compensation for your losses. We will walk you through the wrongful death claims process so that you can focus on recovery. Call Russell & Lazarus APC today at  (949) 851-0222.

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