Jim Carrey Wrongful Death Claims Dismissed

In 2016, rumors of a Jim Carrey wrongful death scandal blew up tabloids. The actor was accused of providing prescription medications to his former girlfriend, Cathriona White, leading to her 2015 death by drug overdose. However, The Hollywood Reporter has recently confirmed that the wrongful death lawsuit was dismissed.

The Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involved Prescription Drugs

The Jim Carrey wrongful death lawsuit was similar to other wrongful death civil suits accusing medical providers or others of providing the drugs that lead to death. Micheal Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, faced accusations of providing him with propofol (Diprivan), a powerful anesthetic drug. Although these prescription medications may be legal when taken in the right doses by the patient to whom they are prescribed, they are still dangerous and can cause death.

Jim Carrey Wrongful Death Lawsuit Evidence Failed to Stand Up in Court

Actor Jim Carrey was accused of providing his personal prescription drugs to former girlfriend Cathriona White. The girlfriend’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, and estranged husband, Mark Burton, filed the Jim Carrey wrongful death lawsuit, which also alleged that the woman contracted STDs from the actor. Those STDs supposedly led to mental distress as well. In response to the lawsuit by White’s mother and estranged husband, Carrey filed a countersuit alleging exploitation. Carrey claimed that White’s husband threatened going to the press with false allegations about sexually transmitted diseases originating from Carrey. The husband requested money in return, essentially committing extortion. Carrey’s attorneys requested evidence from Burton regarding STDs. However, a 2011 document showing White was STD free prior to her relationship with Carrey turned out to be forged. Forgery of evidence in a civil lawsuit can not only ruin your claims, but it is also illegal. Forged evidence is any item or information that someone manufactures or alters to support claims. Although the claims may not be false, forging evidence to support any claims may cause the court to disbelieve the entire claim. The court will likely throw out forged evidence, and the attorneys providing forged evidence may face repercussions.

Carrey’s Counterclaim for Extortion

Jim Carrey filed a countersuit accusing White’s estranged husband, Burton, of extortion. Burton had threatened to go to the press with information about Carrey giving White STDs. In return for not going to the press, Burton asked for money. This is a form of extortion, which is a crime. However, like many crimes, the victim can file a civil lawsuit against the offender. There are no reports that Burton was convicted of the crime of extortion; however, Carrey’s claims were enough to file a countersuit in civil court.

Jim Carrey Now Clear of Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Jim Carrey’s people have confirmed that as of January 25, 2018, all claims related to the Jim Carrey wrongful death lawsuit have been dismissed. Both the lawsuit filed by White’s mother and husband as well as Carrey’s counterclaims have been withdrawn. In all likelihood, when Sweetman and Burton faced issues with forged evidence along with a serious counterclaim of extortion, they decided to withdraw their initial lawsuit. In return, Carrey likely wished to make the entire thing go away, so he dropped his claims.

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