Medical Expenses and Lost Income Damages

A personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach can expect to hear clients ask, “How much is my personal-injury-lawyer-in-Newport-Beach-300x181case worth?” However, the answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including the type of damages that you have suffered.

Medical Expenses

Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach can explain that insurance companies assign different values to different injuries. For example, injuries that are easier to prove with objective evidence like permanent scarring, fractures and damage to internal organs may be worth more than other injuries. Soft tissue injuries, musculo-skeletal injuries and emotional distress rely more on subjective information, so they may not be as valued as other types of injuries. Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach can explain that the first type of injuries mentioned is easier for the jury to visualize than the second type of injuries.

Loss of Income

Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach will want you to provide as much documentation related to your lost income and profits as possible. This type of damages can be reduced into a monetary figure. The easiest way to compute this loss is by determining how many hours an employee lost at the employee’s current hourly wage. It is harder to evaluate the amount of loss suffered by a self-employed individual who does not retain good records.

Individuals who suffer damages in a personal injury accident may need help gathering evidence of their losses. If you need assistance with your case, contact Russell & Lazarus, APC, at (800) 268-9228.


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