Fullerton Focuses on Preventing DUI-Related Accidents

In downtown Fullerton, there are close to 50 businesses that serve alcohol, and it seems obvious that there would be a drunken driving problem that goes hand in hand. Since 2009, there have been 14 fatal car accidents in the city, and half of those deaths occurred in alcohol-related wrecks—not to mention the many non-fatal accident injuries that have been caused by drunk drivers. Last year, the California Office of Traffic Safety awarded the city a $146,222 grant to address DUI issues, along with an additional $50,000 to be used for setting up sobriety checkpoints. According to the Fullerton Police Department, that grant money is now being used, and some programs have already been implemented.

Captain George Crum, of the Fullerton Police Department, recognizes the drunk driving problem in Fullerton and stated that, “The grant has allowed us to address the issues we know we have in Fullerton.” Using the grant, the Fullerton Police Department has already been able to increase its DUI-spotting capability throughout downtown by running 35 “saturation patrols” and a sobriety checkpoint since last fall. The Police Department plans to implement another 55 saturation patrols and four checkpoints before September 30 of this year. Additionally, the police have been conducting sting operations that involve nabbing drivers with suspended licenses who attempt to drive away from the courthouse.

So far, the new programs seem to be successful, netting many arrests and citations. In fact, five officers from the Fullerton Police Department were recently honored by the Orange County Chapter of MADD for making numerous DUI arrests over the last year.

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