Glendale: The Southern California City With The Worst Drivers?

Which Southern California residents should be most concerned about being involved traffic accident, and do some cities in the area have worse drivers than others? Recently, car insurance company AllState analyzed their claim data to determine the cities with the highest rates of car accidents, and several Southern California spots were low on the list.

Southern California cities with the highest collision rates

According to the 2012 “America’s Best Drivers” report, AllState found that Glendale, California, had the highest collision rate in the region—and finished 191st out of the 200 cities analyzed in the study. Glendale drivers have a 77 percent higher chance of a collision than the average American, and Glendale drivers can expect to be involved in a traffic collision every 5.4 years on average.

Los Angeles, Fullerton, and Torrance also finished low on the list—placing 182nd, 180th, and 74th respectively.

Southern California cities with the lowest collision rates

Who are the best drivers in Southern California? The city of Fontana finished first in the region and 73rd overall. Fontana drivers are just 1.7 percent more likely to be involved in a collision than the average American and on average experience a car accident once a decade.

Palmdale, Thousand Oaks, and San Bernardino also finished well, all in the top 100 cities nationally.

Orange County traffic accident lawyers

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