Preventing Deadly Motorcycle Guardrail Collisions in California

It’s well established that although guardrails are extremely effective at protecting most car and truck passengers from serious injury, they actually can cause serious injury to motorcycle riders and their passengers. Since we know how dangerous road barriers can be to bikers, what can we do to help prevent these often fatal accidents? There are two potential solutions to the problem:

Change or Modify the Structure of Guardrails

There are several available guardrail designs and modifications which better protect motorcyclists against serious injury. These designs eliminate the sharp edges and posts of traditional guardrails (such as I-beams), or cover the sharp edges with tubing. However, updating so many thousands of miles of guardrails is extremely expensive. While some European countries have tackled the task, the United States has installed their safer guardrails only in certain places, such as around particularly dangerous curves.

Educate Riders on the Dangers of Guardrail Collisions

It is vital that all motorcycle riders know why guardrails are dangerous to bikers, and how they can protect themselves against a road barrier accident. Bikers should know that while guardrails protect others from dangerous curves, they must be extremely cautious in such areas.

Bikers also should be educated on how to ride through curves, how to brake safely, and how to avoid striking obstacles. They should always ride under the posted speed limit, and they should never ride their motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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