New Doctor after an OC Motorcycle Accident? Let Your Attorney Know

If you’ve been injured in an Orange County motorcycle accident and are working with a personal injury attorney, communication can be key to making your personal injury lawsuit settlement a success. Keeping your attorney updated on your medical treatment and recovery is important, and you should give your attorney a quick call to let him or her know when you are:

  • Seeing a new doctor. If you have changed doctors after your motorcycle accident or are following up from the ER with your family physician, let your attorney know so that your complete medical record and treatment can be documented.
  • Referred to a specialist. Specialist care may be part of the medical care you need after you are injured in a motorcycle wreck, and it’s important to note the care you receive from surgeons, pulmonologists, cardiologists, and other specialists.
  • Referred to another medical practitioner or therapist. If your doctor recommends treatment from a non-physician therapist, such as a physical therapist or even a psychologist, take a moment to let your attorney know. In many cases you can recover compensation for this kind of treatment.
  • Sent for new testing. If your condition worsens, new problems arise, or there are other worries or complications stemming from your motorcycle accident injuries, make sure you and your attorney are both on the same page regarding your recovery.

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