Why Are OC Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles on the road, and because so many Orange County drivers just aren’t paying attention behind the wheel, motorcyclists seem to run an increased risk of being left behind in an Orange County hit-and-run motorcycle accident. In fact, some drivers even later claim that they only heard a small “thump” or didn’t even realize an accident had occurred—even though the motorcyclist experienced life-threatening injuries.

In the state of California, it is a crime for a guilty driver to flee the scene of an injury accident—and it doesn’t matter if the victim was in ca , on a motorcycle, or on foot! The driver is required by California law to stop and call for help if someone has been injured or property has been damaged.

Why Are OC Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

Motorcyclists often face severe injuries in accidents with other vehicles, and a driver who leaves the scene of an OC motorcycle wreck leaves the victim:

  • Exposed to danger from other traffic on the road that may not realize an accident occurred
  • With a longer wait for emergency services, which could increase complications from severe injuries or even mean the difference between life and death
  • With a limited ability to pursue compensation for medical bills, time away from work, and other expenses caused by the negligent driver

If you have been injured in an OC hit-and-run motorcycle accident, an Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you build a case and pursue compensation for your injuries. Speak with Russell & Lazarus today at (949) 851-0222, or get started by filling out the confidential online contact form on this page for more information.

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