Reasons You Need an Orange County Motorcycle Attorney

Being involved in a motorcycle accident in Orange County can be a life changing event. Many motorcycle accident victims suffer serious injuries. As you may know, a large number of motorcycle accidents are caused by no fault of the rider, but by a passenger vehicle.

Fortunately, the damages that are incurred due to a motorcycle accident can be recovered in a claim or lawsuit. Many victims try to recover these damages on their own thinking they can get the compensation they deserve. Failing to use a California motorcycle accident attorney is most likely not the best idea for your case.

You will benefit from using a motorcycle attorney by:

  • Help with negotiations – If you are like most people, you do not have the experience or knowledge it takes to know what each case is worth. An experienced attorney will know this and negotiate on your behalf to get that amount.
  • Deal with adjusters and attorneys – Your attorney will be able to deal directly with the insurance adjusters and attorneys. Many adjusters will take advantage of someone who is inexperienced and not using a lawyer.
  • Greater settlement amount – Generally, people who use attorneys for their case will receive a higher payout after the settlement than those who go it alone.
  • Guidance – A lawyer will be able to guide you through the settlement process. All your questions will be answered and concerns put at ease.

It is advisable to always use an attorney when dealing with claims or lawsuits. To discuss your case contact an Orange County motorcycle crash attorney at Russell & Lazarus. Call 800-851-2400 for a free legal consultation.

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