The Importance of Good Record Keeping for Your Injury Claim

Newport Beach Personal Injury LawyerNewport Beach personal injury lawyer can help you develop good habits for record keeping for your injury claim. Without supporting documentation, you may have difficulty seeking compensation for injuries you sustained.

A Newport Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Three Important Rules for Good Record Keeping
If you plan to pursue an injury claim, an attorney experienced in Newport Beach personal injury law will suggest you learn three important rules relating to documentation.

Rule #1 – Get a Copy
Newport Beach personal injury law will require proof that you actually suffered an injury and that it made an impact on your life. For every injury-related doctor, pharmacy or other therapy visit you have, get a copy of any bill or receipt.

Rule #2 – Keep a Copy
Make sure you keep copies of all of the records discussed above. Organizing your records/doctor visits with a chart can save you and your attorney much work down the road.

Rule #3 – Give a Copy
Make sure you give a copy of every document, medical record and/or bill related to your injury to your Newport Beach personal injury lawyer. Do this even if the doctor promises to send one for you.

Your Newport Beach personal injury lawyer can help you keep track of the documents you need to support your injury claim. Call the law offices of Russell & Lazarus APC today to set up a consultation at 949-851-0222.

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