How Insurance Adjusters Often Unfairly Delay Claims Processing

If you’ve filed an accident claim with an insurance company, unfortunately, sometimes unscrupulous adjusters may try to unfairly delay your claim. An Orange County injury attorney can help you recognize and prevent unfair delays or denials.Orange County injury attorney

Common Tricks Adjusters Use to Delay Paying Injury Claims

As your Orange County injury attorney can advise, claims delayed means claims denied. An experienced Orange County injury lawyer understands some of more common tricks used which may include:

  • Refusing to pay for automobile repairs until you agree to an unfairly low bodily injury claim;
  • Forcing you to use your own medical insurance when your or the at-fault driver’s car insurance should pay for medical bills; and
  • Taking advantage of low income claimants who desperately need their settlement check to pay for basic living expenses.

An Orange County Injury Lawyer Can Help Protect You From Unscrupulous Adjusters

An Orange County injury attorney can carefully review the insurance policy to make sure the insurance adjuster follows it. If an adjuster acts in bad faith, you may be entitled to money damages. Not all insurance adjusters use unsavory tactics. Your personal injury lawyer can protect and help look out for your interests.

A skilled Orange County injury attorney at the Russell & Lazarus APC law firm can help you recognize the signs of an unfair claims delay and work with the adjuster on your behalf. Call 949-851-0222 to set up an appointment.

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