How to Spot an Unscrupulous Insurance Adjuster

personal injuryWhen pursuing a personal injury claim with an insurance company, be wary of adjusters who may try to wrongfully deny your claim. An experienced lawyer can help you spot improper conduct.

Burying the Claimant With Policy Language
When denying a claim, an adjuster must provide support for the denial in the policy. Sometimes, however, an adjuster may fail to refer to a specific policy provision, quote nonexistent or irrelevant language or fail to provide copies of the policy. Sometimes, adjusters rely on the fact that a claimant may be uninformed about their own policy. Put a personal injury law firm in Newport Beach to work for you. Your personal injury attorney can review the policy and explain what it requires.

Denial by Form Letter
In some cases, an adjuster may try to deny a personal injury claim without ever meeting or speaking to the claimant. You may get form letter document requests or requests for more information that don’t relate to the claim at all. Let a personal injury law firm in Newport Beach review communications from the adjuster and advise you of your options.

Blaming the Insured
Adjusters may also try to retroactively take away your coverage by claiming you lied about something on your application. Your attorney can explain how to respond and advocate for you with the adjuster.

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