Understanding Your Lawyer’s Role During Litigation

If you hire a personal injury lawyer in Orange County, he will work as your advocate during every phase of litigation. This article discusses what your lawyer can do during different steps of the trial process.personal injury lawyer in Orange County

What a Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County Does During Discovery

Discovery is when both parties to a lawsuit exchange information. You may be called to testify at a deposition. If so, your personal injury attorney in Orange County will prepare you to testify. He may also decide to depose other witnesses or parties on your behalf as well as attend all depositions.

What a Personal Injury Attorney in Orange County Does If Motions are Required

Motions may be filed if the court needs to intervene before trial. Your lawyer will research and file necessary motions and respond to motions filed by the other side as well as attend all hearings.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County Conducts Trial Preparation

Before the trial, your lawyer will wrangle witnesses, meet with you and other witnesses to discuss testimony, comply with judge’s orders, prepare for jury selection, opening and closing statements and make sure all equipment used at trial is ready to go.

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Orange County at the law offices of Russell & Lazarus APC can represent you every step of the way if your case goes to trial. Call 949-851-0222 to set up an initial consultation.

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