The Problem with Seeking Legal Counsel

After being involved in a personal injury, you may have made the wise decision to contact a Newport Beach personal injury lawyer. However, just like nearly everything else, an insurance company may try to use this information against you.Newport Beach personal injury lawyer

Insurance Red Flags

Your Newport Beach personal injury lawyer may explain that the insurance company sometimes claims that a quick retention of an attorney raises certain red flags. In particular, if you called a Newport Beach personal injury attorney on the day of your accident or if you have a letter of representation from an attorney that is dated on the day of the accident or shortly thereafter, the insurance company may say that you are a “claims conscious claimant.”

Consequences of Early Retention

An insurance adjuster who discovers that you quickly retained the services of a Newport Beach personal injury lawyer may be motivated to closely scrutinize your claim. He or she may immediately search the Central Index Bureau if the adjuster believes that you have likely filed other such claims. This search can unearth other insurance claims for bodily injury that you have filed. Additionally, if you appear too eager to settle your claim as quickly as possible, the insurance adjuster may not believe that the claim is valid. The insurance adjuster may also check on the history of prior claims and more closely scrutinize medical records than he or she would have with other claims.

If you would like to learn about other insurance tricks, contact Russell & Lazarus APC at 949-851-0222.


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