Tips for Video Depositions

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In order to preserve such information as a witness’ comfort level, demeanor or appearance, a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach may conduct a video deposition. This testimony can later be brought up by either the defense counsel or the plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach to bolster the witness’ account, refresh his or her memory or impeach the witness. Here are a few tips to help you make the best impression during your video deposition.

Know What the Question Is

Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach may warn you about tactics that the defense counsel may use to try to trick you. For example, he or she may ask you two questions at the same time so that you can appear wrong about something. Here are a few ways to handle this tactic:

Listen Closely

Listen carefully to what the actual question is before you respond.


Wait for the defense counsel to completely ask the question before you respond.

Think It Through

Think about your answer before responding. It is usually better for you to slow down and give the question your full attention than to blurt out an answer. Say that you do not understand the question if you are confused.

Be Concise

Answer the question in a short and simple manner. Do not provide more information than necessary to answer the question. Be confident in your reply and speak to the camera.

If you would like assistance with your video deposition, contact a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach from Russell & Lazarus, APC, by calling 949-851-0222.

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