Our Car Accident Attorney Orange County Discusses Depositions

Car Accident Attorney Orange CountyWhen you are working with your car accident attorney Orange County, they will have several different ways in which they conduct discovery in your case. Discovery is a process through which both your car accident attorney Orange County and the other side will exchange information. One of the ways in which your attorney may gather more information about what happened is through a deposition.

What Is a Deposition?

A deposition is a process that happens before a trial. During it, your lawyer is able to question witnesses about your accident under oath. A court reporter is present, and they prepare transcripts of the testimony that is given. Most attorneys believe depositions are the best discovery tool they have available. They not only are able to hear testimony, they can also ask follow-up questions of the witness about the statements they make. Finally, depositions allow lawyers to assess how the witness is likely to be perceived by a jury.

Reducing the Issues for Trial

Depositions can help to narrow issues of disputed fact before trial, allowing your attorney to focus in on others. Some issues can be eliminated entirely through questioning at a deposition. Your attorney may try to get the other party to agree to certain facts, such as the speed of the cars, the color of a light, the weather, road conditions or other things. Doing so helps to make a later trial proceed more smoothly, and it may also help insurance companies to better understand and evaluate the case.

Depositions Help Attorneys to Lock In Facts

Depositions can also help lock witnesses in to what they will say at trial. This helps your attorney to prepare for trial, as they know in advance what the witness will say on the stand. When they understand a witness’s basis for making a statement, they can better prepare for countering statements that are problematic for your case. Witnesses are required to testify truthfully at their depositions and outline the facts. They may not later change their testimony at trial, which is highly beneficial in preparing your case.

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