How long can I wait before filing a Personal Injury Claim?

California Car Accident Lawyer - Act immediately

Although there are some exceptions, the general statute of limitations—or, time limit—for personal injury cases in California is two years. That is, you have two years from the date of your car accident to file a claim in court and seek compensation.

Why You Should Act as Soon as Possible

However, simply because you have two years to file your claim does not mean you should wait that long. There are advantages to acting quickly after your accident, including:

  • Victims can recall what happened in better detail.
  • It is easier to collect accurate witness statements.
  • Filing an early claim means securing compensation sooner.

Most people need this compensation to pay their bills, receive ongoing medical attention, and support their families. Keep in mind that filing a lawsuit can take weeks or months as your attorney collects information and prepares your case. It is worth repeating that starting your claim sooner would mean you could receive compensation for your medical bills and expenses sooner.

Contact a California Car Accident Lawyer

The best way to ensure that your California car accident claim is filed in a timely manner is to consult with an Orange County personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident. To schedule a free evaluation with a California car accident lawyer at Russell & Lazarus, call us today at (800) 268-9228. You can also reach us by filling out the electronic contact form near the bottom of this page. Let us show you how we can help.

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