Should I Speak With Insurance Companies After A Car Accident?

California Personal Injury Attorney

After a car accident and injury, you are contractually obligated to report the accident to your own insurance company as soon as possible. However, speaking to the insurance company of the other driver or giving a recorded statement without consulting a legal representative is another matter altogether.

While you may eventually speak with the insurance adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company or send a written statement, you should speak with a California personal injury attorney before agreeing to any kind of statement. A California car accident lawyer can help you understand your case and the crash—as well as common mistakes drivers make in the wake of the accident when speaking with insurance companies.

Insurance companies unfair settlement

Unfortunately, some insurance companies attempt to settle car accident and injury cases as quickly and cheaply as possible, even if the outcome is not fair. Some do so by using tactics like requesting recorded statements immediately after a crash when they know car accident victims are confused, overwhelmed, and uninformed. A CA car crash lawyer can help you avoid making mistakes during this difficult time.

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