What should my child do if she is attacked by a dog?

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Dog bites are extremely painful and can cause physical scars and emotional trauma that can last for many years after the injury occurs.

According to an Orange County dog bite attorney at Russell & Lazarus, one of the best things you can do is to teach your child about dog bite safety in order to prevent a dog bite in the first place. It is also important to teach your child what to do in the event she is actually attacked by a dog—it could be life saving.

Following are the steps to take to minimize the risk of serious injury from a dog attack:

  • Try not to panic. If you are calm and quiet, the dog may decide not to attack.
  • Stand still like a tree and do not look directly into the dog’s eyes. An aggressive dog may perceive a direct stare as a confrontation.
  • Back away slowly when the dog loses interest in you. Do not run away as it is a dog’s instinct to chase and catch prey.
  • “Feed” the dog anything you have handy—your bike, coat, lunchbox, or backpack—to keep the dog away from your body when it attacks. This may distract the dog and give you more time to escape.
  • Drop to the ground and curl up in a ball if the dog knocks you over. Tuck your face into your chest and place your hands over your ears.

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Learning strategies for dealing with an aggressive dog may stave off an attack, reduce the severity of injuries, or even save your child’s life. The lawyers at Russell & Lazarus are dedicated to encouraging safe behavior around dogs to reduce the incidence of dog bite injuries. If a dog or other animal has injured someone you love, contact an Orange County dog bite Attorney toll free at (800) 268-9228 for a free consultation. You can also download a free copy of their book The Nuts and Bolts of Litigating a Personal Injury Claim for more information.

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