Could I be the one legally responsible for my California dog bite injury?

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Yes, under certain circumstances, you could be responsible for a dog bite or dog attack, rather than the owner of the dog. However, all dog bite incidents are unique, so you should never assume you are at fault for an injury without having a professional review the evidence in your case.

Here are a few ways you may have been responsible or partially at fault for a dog bite wound or injury:

  • You provoked the dog to bite you. For example, you harmed the dog, you threatened a dog’s territory, or you startled the dog while it was eating or sleeping.
  • You were trespassing or breaking the law when you were attacked. For example, you were robbing a home or were on someone’s property without their permission at the time of the dog bite.
  • You were taking an unreasonable risk or acting carelessly. For example, you ignored a “Beware of Dog” sign or approached a dog which you were aware it was dangerous.

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Again, these are simply a few possible situations in which you may not be able to sue a dog’s owner for negligence. Until all of the evidence in the case has been analyzed and considered, it is difficult to determine whether you may deserve compensation for your dog bite injury. If you or a loved one was involved in a dog bite situation and you need help examining the facts, Russell & Lazarus offers all dog bite injury victims a free case evaluation. To schedule yours, call an Irvine Dog Attack Lawyer at (800) 268-9228 today.

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