Benefits to Settling a Dog Bite Claim Outside of Court

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Being bitten by a dog in Orange County can be a dangerous, life-altering event. It is not uncommon for dog bite victims to become severely injured, often requiring treatment. The injury can be severe enough for the victim to need long-term treatment. It is also common for the victim to be forced to miss work and suffer from financial hardship.

Settling a Dog Bite Case Outside of Court

It is important that as a dog bite victim, you seek any damages that were incurred due to the attack. A claim can either be settled outside of a trial or through the court process. Many people find it beneficial to settle outside of court, some of these benefits include:

  • Quickness – Settling your case outside of a trial will allow for claim to be settled at a much sooner date.
  • Closure – Dealing with a case can bring on a lot of stress and hardship. Settling outside of a trial will allow the victim to put the incident in the past and have closure a lot sooner than if it went to trial.
  • Money sooner – Because the case will be over more quickly, the money owed to the victim will be paid sooner than if it went to trial.
  • Certainty of amount – Settling the claim outside of trial will allow the victim to have more certainty of the amount you will be receiving.

Contact an Orange County Dog Bite Attorney

Whether you want to settle outside of court or through a trial, it is important to have an experienced Orange County dog bite attorney at Russell & Lazarus to get you the compensation you deserve. Call (800) 268-9228 today for a free case evaluation.

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