Can I Hold a Driver Liable For My Injuries?

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If you were injured in an Orange County motorcycle accident because a driver cut you off, it certainly may be possible to hold the driver liable for your injuries. At Russell & Lazarus, our Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys have negotiated many successful settlements for injured motorcyclists who were cut off by another vehicle. Unfortunately, without more information about what happened in your specific situation, there is no way to tell how successful your California personal injury claim may be.

There are many small details that could make a big difference in your case, including:

  • How the driver’s actions lead to the accident
  • How seriously you were injured
  • If the driver left the scene
  • If you were obeying the law
  • If there were other vehicles involved
  • If there were witnesses at the scene
  • How much evidence can be gathered

Because there may be time limits, we encourage you to gather together all the documentation you have about the accident and your injuries and to speak with an Orange County motorcycle injury attorney as soon as possible for more specific guidance. You can meet with us in a completely free initial consultation where we can explain more—without any obligation on your part.

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