What are California’s motorcycle laws and helmet laws?

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California has a number of laws and safety regulations associated with riding motorcycles, motorbikes, and motorized bicycles. All of these laws are designed to prevent California motorcycle accidents and minimize injuries when a collision does occur.

Here is an overview of the most important laws related to operating a motorcycle in California:

  • Safety helmets are required for all motorcycle riders of all ages. Passengers of all ages also are required to wear helmets.
  • Eye protection and ear protection are not required by law while riding a motorcycle.
  • The handlebars of your motorcycle may not be so high that your hands are positioned more than six inches above your shoulders.
  • There are no restrictions regarding lane splitting, lane sharing, or two motorcycles riding abreast.
  • Mufflers are required on all motorcycles. Motorcycles also must operate under a maximum sound level, which is determined based on the bike’s age.
  • A motorcycle rider may listen to a helmet speaker in one ear only.
  • A motorcycle rider must use his or her headlight at all time, including daytime, if the motorcycle was manufactured after 1978.
  • All motorcycles are required to have at least one rear view mirror.
  • There is no minimum age requirement for motorcycle passengers.

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