How can I increase my visibility on my motorcycle?

Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Making yourself visible is one of the best and easiest ways to avoid car-motorcycle accidents in Orange County. After an accident, whether they were distracted, intoxicated, or not paying attention, so many drivers claim they didn’t even know the motorcycle was there until the impact. This is scary news for motorcyclists in Orange County. It’s worth taking the steps to make sure drivers know you are there.

Here are a few tips for staying safe and visible on the road:

  • Turn on your lights.
  • Take extra caution at intersections.
  • Avoid riding in a driver’s blind spot.
  • Keep a safe distance.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your horn to get a driver’s attention.
  • Wear brightly-colored clothing or use reflective tape.
  • Use appropriate hand signals so drivers know what you are doing.

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The Orange County motorcycle accident lawyers with Russell & Lazarus would like to remind both riders and drivers to be cautious on the road, especially in dangerous locations like busy intersections, near schools and shopping centers, or anywhere traffic is complicated.

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