Is it possible to pursue compensation for my injuries?

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Lane-splitting accidents in Orange County can be complicated for motorcyclists. Although the practice is technically legal in the state of California, there is always the question of whether or not the motorcycle operator was riding in a “safe and prudent” manner while lane splitting. Even if the accident was caused by another driver, the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster may try to prove that you were reckless or careless while riding between lanes and that your lane splitting contributed to the accident.

Compensation for Injuries Sustained

However, depending on your circumstances, it may still be possible to pursue compensation for the injuries you sustained in the accident. You may be tasked with proving that the driver who hit you engaged in reckless or dangerous driving behaviors that caused your injuries and were more dangerous than lane splitting. Additionally, it might be helpful to provide evidence that you are an experienced and safe rider. It is highly recommended that you at least speak with our experienced Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys before you decide to pursue a claim. Because these types of claims can be difficult to prove and may leave the injured victim with a settlement that does not fully cover his or her needs, a skilled attorney can be a valuable resource and ally.

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