Do I have a California slip and fall case if I was trespassing?

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It is much more difficult to recover damages in a California slip and fall case if you were knowingly trespassing on another person’s property at the time of your accident and injury. However, there are some instances in which a property owner could still be found negligent and in which you could secure compensation for your injury and related costs. It is best if you talk to an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer about your specific details.

Ways that you may be able to recover damages

Here are three ways you may be able to recover damages from a premises liability claim, even though you were trespassing:

  • You weren’t aware you were trespassing. For example, if there were no signs marking the property, no fences or barriers, and no other clear ways to know you were on private property.
  • The property owner knew about frequent trespassers and a hazard on his or her property. If trespassers commonly use the area and if there is a known hazard on the property, the property owner may have an obligation to keep trespassers out, inform them of danger, or eliminate the hazard.
  • The trespasser was a child. There are special trespassing guidelines for children, especially children who are too young to understand trespassing or too young to recognize danger or assess risk.

Talk to an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Premises liability law can be complicated. The best way to truly know if you may have a slip and fall lawsuit is to speak with an Orange County personal injury lawyer about your case, and to let them analyze the evidence. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney at Russell & Lazarus, call (800) 268-9228 today.

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