Do I still have a slip and fall claim without photo evidence?

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Photographs are a great way to capture the hazard that led to your fall and to prove liability. However, most slip and fall accident victims do not think about taking pictures immediately following their falls because they are too injured, embarrassed, or simply don’t realize that they should take pictures to prove the dangerous condition existed.

As Southern California injury lawyers, we understand that your injuries may have been serious and didn’t allow you to take pictures. If you didn’t take pictures of the accident scene, don’t lose hope yet.

Other forms of evidence

Did anyone see you fall? Did you get a witness’s contact information? Did you report your Orange County slip and fall accident to a store employee or manager immediately after you fell? Did you notice if the store had a video camera? Even if you said no to any of the above questions, a slip and fall accident attorney may still be able to help you.

The store may have had video surveillance of the fall, or an employee may have reported seeing you fall. An experienced injury lawyer knows what to look for and how to investigate. If there is video footage, an attorney will be able to obtain it through legal discovery. The video may show your fall and the events that led up to the fall. For instance, maybe a grocery store employee caused the spill or saw the liquid on the floor and didn’t do anything to clean it up.

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