Our Long Beach Car Accident Attorney Discusses How a Lawsuit Affects You

Long Beach Car Accident AttorneyIf you have been injured in a car accident, our Long Beach car accident attorney may be able to help you receive compensation for your injuries and other damages. The following steps to filing a car accident lawsuit will help you understand what to expect and whether you want to proceed with a lawsuit.

Steps to Filing

Once the initial investigation of your car accident has passed, your Long Beach car accident lawyer can help you by filing a claim in court. This claim is known as a Summons and Complaint, which is typically a matter between the defendant and your attorney. Once the Summons and Complaint is served, the person or company responsible for your injuries is known as the defendant and you are known as the plaintiff. Once the defendant is served with a complaint, the insurance company hires a lawyer to defend the lawsuit and files an Answer to the Complaint. The Answer typically involves a denial of any responsibility for the injuries and calls into question the extent or severity of your injuries. It is also possible that the insurance company will attempt to name other parties as being responsible for your injuries. Once you have filed, the discovery process begins. In the discovery phase of a lawsuit, both sides request information and review relevant documents. You will face written interrogations regarding your accident and injuries. You and other witnesses and parties involved in the accident will be required to give depositions, or oral testimonies. These testimonies are highly important and are recorded by a court reporter.


Requests for the production of documents are issued by lawyers and involve witness statements, medical bills, reports and other crucial documents. Your lawyer will have to send such documents to the defendant’s lawyer, even if he already sent them to the insurance company. Requests for admissions require that parties take a narrow focus on the issues by admitting indisputable facts. Pretrial procedures, such as motions in court, occur as preparation for trial. You may be required to get video depositions from your doctors and other relevant witnesses as well.

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