Our Personal Injury Attorney Long Beach Offers Four Tactics for Successful Premises Liability Cases

leg in cast Personal Injury Attorney Long BeachAll premises liability cases involve insurance companies that use tactics to convince claimants either that their injuries are not serious or that they injured themselves. They may use the comparative fault tactic, telling claimants that in some way there was fault on both sides.

When they consult with attorneys, however, insurance companies know that claimants mean business, and they usually no longer use such tactics to try to take unfair advantage. Claimant attorneys then employ their own tactics to present premises liability case theories for recovery.

Here are some ways premises liability attorneys help injured claimants:

Expert Testimony

Testimony from an expert witness might not be necessary in a premises liability case, but any personal injury attorney Long Beach should make a decision early on whether to use an expert if only for information. As an example, an expert witness could be an architect or engineer testifying as to building code violations or any other technical issues.


At the beginning of the case, the Long Beach personal injury attorney interviews any individuals who know about the property and who may have witnessed the injury. In this example, the attorney investigates the facts to find the best fact witnesses to present the case. The individuals interviewed should be present or available at all depositions, site inspections, and other significant case events. Some likely candidates for this role are resident managers, maintenance staff, janitors, groundskeepers, and security guards.


Premises liability attorneys typically inspect the property personally to become thoroughly familiar with it. To enhance presentations of evidence, the Long Beach personal injury attorney can use videotapes and photographs of the property for proper depictions of the premises and especially the area in which the injury occurred.

The Facts

The purpose of a premises liability case is to prove that negligence of the party responsible for the condition of hazardous or unsafe premises caused the claimant’s injury. Courts may consider only relevant facts reliably probative of negligence in premises liability cases, which can be challenging, lengthy, and complex. By application of fundamental principles for proof of facts attorneys develop and implement forceful and effective tactics offensively and defensively.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney Long Beach

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common claims in premises liability injury lawsuits. Under the legal doctrine of premises liability, property owners owe a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors and guests. Neglect of this duty can lead to negligent liability.

To hold a property owner responsible, the owner or agent at the property must cause the dangerous condition, be aware of it, yet choose not to do what is necessary to fix it. Contact a personal injury attorney Long Beach at Russell & Lazarus by calling 949–851–0222 to schedule a complimentary case consultation.

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