Riverside Car Accident Lawyers Explain the Difference in Insurance Carriers

Riverside Personal Injury LawyerOne of the most important things that experienced Riverside car accident lawyers learn about insurers is the different approaches used by their adjusters. The insurance adjuster is the main contact between the attorney and the insurance provider, and how they interact with each other will have a large impact on your case. When you file a claim for compensation, your Riverside personal injury lawyer will make contact with the insurance company that covered the event. The insurance company will assign an adjuster to the case, and that person will remain “in charge” of the case until it is finished. How the adjuster handles the case generally has a lot to do with the company that employs them. It has been the experience of many attorneys that adjusters of large, discount insurers are more difficult to work with because these adjusters often “nit-pick” the claims. The discounted pricing and overzealous advertising by these companies mean that they must watch every penny that they pay out so that they can cover their overhead expenses. At the same time, lesser known insurance companies, or those who advertise less frequently, have been shown to work more diligently at settling cases before they go to trial and offering air and complete compensation. These companies are more worried about their reputation as a quality insurance provider than that of a discount provider, and their adjusters are trained to maintain that reputation. An experienced Riverside personal injury lawyer will be able to distinguish which carriers fall into these categories and how to approach the adjuster on your behalf. While this is not a 100 percent guarantee of success, your attorney will know which carriers are going to work quickly and fair, and which are going to drag out the process in the hope that the injured party will tire of the case and give up. The outcome of your case may depend on the type of adjuster whom you have handling the case. Some adjusters will drag out the process until your attorney is forced into filing a lawsuit, while others will want to enter mediation quickly and settle the case. In addition to the value of your settlement, the adjuster can also affect the length of time that it takes to complete the case. All of these factors must be considered by you and your attorney when you file a claim for compensation.

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