Our Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Provides Top Ten Tips for Your Case

Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Every Riverside personal injury lawyer advises that everyone should know the following ten tips in the event that they are ever in an accident. Knowing this information will allow you to secure a claim for compensation for your injuries and losses.

Medical Attention Should Be Requested at the Accident Scene

The most important thing for you to do after an accident occurs is seek immediate medical care. Your Riverside personal injury attorney suggests that you receive a medical evaluation, even if you think your injuries are minor. Failing to get immediate medical attention can prevent you from receiving care in the future and can damage your claim for compensation. Even though insurance companies are required to provide treatment for accident injuries for up to seven days after the event occurs, most will deny the claim if the injured party does not receive immediate care. It is their belief that any injury you may be suffering from at a later date took place in a different event.

Get a Police Report

A police report is necessary for any type of accident claim. Additionally, the police report will contain very important information about the cause of the accident and possible witnesses. Many states also have made it illegal not to report an accident, regardless of how minor.

Do Not Admit Fault

When you are at the scene of the accident, never admit to fault, even if you truly believe you are partially responsible. There are many circumstances that surround an accident. Allow your Riverside personal injury lawyer to have an accident reconstruction specialist determine the actual cause of the event. Many people are surprised when they discover they were not at all responsible for the accident.

Keep Records of All The Expenses Related to Your Accident and Losses

Accurate records will allow you to make a complete claim for compensation. Record costs such as rental care costs, out-of-pocket medical expenses such as special bandages or over-the-counter medications suggested by your doctor. Track how much time you have missed from work, costs for gas and toll roads to travel for medical care and any costs associated with hiring people to take care of your personal responsibilities that you cannot currently manage.

Be Very Cautious of the Insurance Company

One of the most important tips offered by our Riverside personal injury attorney is to be overly cautious when you speak to the insurer. Insurance companies want to assign blame to deny claims or close claims fast to ensure a smaller payout. Adjusters have even been known to show up in the ER to speak to injured parties when they are still in shock from the event. Never admit to any responsibility to the accident and be cautious about telling them your medical condition is “fine.” You are always advised to have legal representation prior to speaking to the insurer to guarantee that your rights are protected.

Avoid Oral Statements and Signing Forms If You Are Not Sure of the Ramification

Insurers love to push through claims by taking “oral statements” that are actually agreements to close the case. They also like to heap a ton of paperwork on the claimant without explaining everything. Signing this paperwork or giving these statements may have serious ramifications against your case. If you are unsure about anything, speak to an attorney first.

Avoid Agreeing to a Settlement Unless You Know It Is Complete

Many insurance companies “forget” to include benefits in their settlement offers that the clients are entitled to receive for their injuries or losses. They also often forget to calculate these current and future losses accurately. Unless you are very familiar with the settlement process, you are advised to seek legal assistance before accepting any offer.

There Are Deadline for Filing a Claim

If you are filing a claim on your own, make sure that you meet all the deadlines of the insurance company and that you have proof that you met these deadlines. If you are seeking legal representation, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible after the accident. The Statute of Limitations applies to personal injury cases and delaying filing a suit can cause your case to be denied.

Familiarize Yourself with the Legal Process

If you are filing a claim through an attorney, you should familiarize yourself with the legal process. On average, a claim for compensation will take about two years to complete. In some cases, the process can be shorter or longer. Understanding the process will eliminate a lot of stress you will feel during this time period.

Choose the Right Attorney

Like many medical practitioners, most lawyers specialize in specific areas of law. Make sure that you select a personal injury attorney that handles your specific type of accident. This will ensure that you receive the best legal representation.

Speak to a Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Today About Your Case

If you have been involved in any type of accident and have received an injury, you are encouraged to speak with one of the attorneys at Russell & Lazarus, APC. Russell & Lazarus provide free case evaluations to ensure that everyone can have their case reviewed by a professional. During your case evaluation, your attorney will explain to you what rights you have as an injury victim and what steps need to be taken for you to file a claim for compensation. You are encouraged to bring as much information about the event with you to this appointment. Do not delay. Call 949.851.0222 and schedule a free case evaluation with a Riverside personal injury lawyer today.

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