Our Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle crash Riverside Personal Injury LawyersRiverside personal injury lawyers are regularly called upon to represent people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. The U.S. states federal government estimates that the number of motorcycle accidents per miles traveled in the United States is 26 times greater than automobile accidents. In addition to being proportionally more commonplace, the extent of injuries associated with motorcycle accidents oftentimes are far worse that what is experienced in an automobile collision. A number of more common causes exist for motorcycle accidents in the United States. The most common reason underlying this type of accident is inattentive driving on the part of other drivers, and in some instances the biker his of her self.

Inattentive Drivers

Inattentive driving is becoming something of an epidemic in the United States in this day and age. From texting while driving to talking on cell-phones to eating and other activities, the underlying cause of a significant percentage of all types of roadway accidents is inattentive driving. This is a situation faced by many clients of Riverside personal injury lawyers today. An evaluation of the causes of motorcycle accidents in the United States, caused by an driver, underscores the pervasiveness of inattentive driving. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents in the nation at this juncture in time is inattentive driving.


Exceeding the speed limit also is listed as a common cause of motorcycle accidents. In addition, driving too fast for existing road conditions, even if technically within the speed limit, is a common underlying cause of motorcycle accidents. In some instances, the motorcyclist will be found at fault for causing an accident, with the biker’s speed being deemed a primary or at least contributing factor to the incident. In other cases, the driver of an automobile will be deemed at fault for causing an accident involving a motorcycle.

Faulty Mechanics and Equipment

A key to safe motoring, whether on a motorcycle or in an automobile, is proper maintenance of the vehicle in question. Another common cause of a motorcycle accident in the U.S. is a defect in the vehicle or the failure to properly maintain the motorcycle of automobile in an appropriate condition.

Determining Who Is at Fault

Identifying the underlying cause of an accident involving a motorcycle is part of a complicated process of determining who is liable or responsible for the damages and injuries associated with an accident. It is important to understand that a driver is always responsible to use reasonable care when operating a motorcycle or an automobile on the roads of our state. At the heart of determining who is at fault is a demonstration that a driver failed to exercise reasonable care when operating a motor vehicle on the roadways of our state. For example, texting while driving is an example of failing to use reasonable care when operating a motor vehicle. Drinking and driving while intoxicated represents another example of deviating from the standard of care when operating a motor vehicle. In addition to demonstrating a deviation from the standard of care, a demonstration must also be made that the deviation was the actual cause of the accident, according to Riverside personal injury lawyers. For example, if a driver is texting and driving and loses control of the vehicle because of this activity, the resulting accident would be reasonably connected to the deviation from the standard of care. On the other hand, if a person is texting and driving and a speeding driver back-ends the texter, the texting in and of itself would not necessarily have been the cause of the accident. There are cases in which both drivers may be at fault, in differing degrees. This requires a mathematical allocation of fault to determine who ultimately will be held responsible for paying compensation.

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