How an Attorney Evaluates a Case

personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach

personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach will have a lot to consider when they evaluate accepting a new case. A Newport Beach personal injury attorney will consider the following questions:

  1. What kind of injuries does the client have?
  2. Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach will also ask if those injuries are permanent;
  3. Who is responsible for the injury and which parties can be sued?
  4. Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach will research whether or not there is jurisdiction over each of the parties involved;
  5. Do those parties have assets so that they can pay a settlement or judgment?
  6. Is there insurance coverage? Both the defendant and the plaintiff’s policies will be evaluated with an eye to whether there are policy limits and exclusions;
  7. What is the cause of action?
  8. Is the case economically viable?
  9. Has any party offered a settlement to the plaintiff already?
  10. Is there another way to solve this dispute? Is arbitration or mediation available, and what are the pros and cons of those methods of dispute resolution?
  11. Has the statute of limitation run out or expired for this injury? If so, how will that impact the potential for recovery in this case? If the statute of limitation has not run out, when will it?
  12. In relation to this action is there a statute of repose?

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