Some Motor Vehicle Accidents Are Caused by Poor Vision & Eye Disorders

This week, researchers announced the results of a new study: drivers suffering from the eye condition glaucoma are twice as likely to cause a car accident than drivers who do not suffer from vision issues. While it may seem obvious that those with vision-related disabilities will have more trouble driving safely, it is vital to understand that drivers with vision problems are on the road and do cause accidents and injuries.

California Drivers’ Licenses and Vision Conditions

In California, you must take a vision test in order to obtain a driver’s license. To pass, you must have 20/40 vision with both eyes, with or without glasses or contacts. Those who fail the vision screening must complete a Report of Vision Examination with the help of a vision specialist. Depending on the results of the exam and the nature of the vision issue, a temporary license, limited term license, restricted license or license extension may be offered. Drivers who may be able to improve their driving may be given the opportunity to work on their driving skills.

When deciding whether to issue a drivers’ license to someone with a vision disorder or eye disease, California vision specialists consider the following seven aspects of vision:

  • Central vision: The ability to read road signs and recognize hazards located in front of you while driving a car.
  • Peripheral vision: The ability to see information important to driving out of the corner of your eye, such as pedestrians, intersections, and lane changes.
  • Night vision: The ability to see while driving at night, especially in low-lit areas and low contrast objects.
  • Glare resistance: The ability to see even when faced with glare from oncoming headlights, sunlight, or other light sources.
  • Depth/Distance perception: The ability to judge distances so you do not strike objects, misjudge the placement of other vehicles, or stop in a crosswalk or intersection.
  • Eye movements: The ability to move your eyes to see important aspects of the road and to scan the road without deficiencies.
  • Visual perception: The ability to correctly perceive what you are seeing, such as distinguishing foreground from background and determining the position of objects.

Newport Beach Car Accident Attorneys

It may not be initially apparent that your California car accident was caused by someone with a vision problem or disability. Even if you are unsure about whether someone else was at fault for your crash, it may be helpful to speak with a CA personal injury attorney about your case to better understand your legal options. To schedule a meeting with an experienced lawyer, call Russell & Lazarus today, toll-free at (949) 851-0222.

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