Strategies to Avoid Sabotaging Your Own Injury Claim

Sometimes, injury claimants can be their own worst enemy in terms of a successful recovery of benefits. A personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach can offer advice about how to avoid sabotaging your own case.personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach

Frequent Communication With Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Newport Beach Is Critical

You can expect your attorney to communicate with you frequently. You will have an initial consultation as well as status updates throughout the process of your claim. Make sure you keep your appointments and heed your lawyer’s advice. Know that you will likely be under close scrutiny by insurance company investigators as well. For example, many claimants have torpedoed their own cases by claiming disability from work but then post pictures of themselves skiing or engaging in vigorous exercise on their social media sites. Your lawyer will discuss these issues with you, so it’s important to listen and follow their seasoned counsel.

Inform Your Attorney of Any Significant Changes

Lawyers hate surprises. If you’ve had major life changes, let your lawyer know. If you’ve started a new job, filed for divorce, had another child or won the lottery, your lawyer needs to know. Major changes in your life can impact potential settlement chances, so make sure your lawyer is fully informed. Likewise, your lawyer will inform you of major events impacting your case.

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