How Subsequent Injuries Can Impact an Accident Claim

If an accident claimant suffers a subsequent injury after filing a claim, this can seriously impact settlement value and/or their ability to prove their case. A personal injury attorney in Newport Beach can explain how and offer strategies for dealing with it.personal injury attorney in Newport Beach

How Later Injuries Can Impact Your Case

If you’ve filed a claim for an injury you sustained in an accident, then re-injure the same body part, this can make it more difficult to get financial compensation. As a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach can explain, the problem lies in causation. The insurance adjuster may argue that your pain and suffering or disability were caused by the subsequent injury rather the original accident. Or it’s too difficult to separate out what caused what. Even if you suffer an injury to a different body part, you may hear the same argument from the adjuster as he/she denies your claim.

Strategies for Responding to Subsequent Injury Problems

Your attorney will discuss your options for responding these arguments. Doctors or other witnesses can help if they can testify about the differences in how you felt or functioned before the intervening injury and after. Certainly, your medical records will come into play. If you never complained about or sought treatment for the new injury, that can matter.

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