California Slip & Fall Prevention: Stairway Safety

In our last California slip and fall article, we listed the issues with stairways and stairwells that can lead to serious fall accidents and injuries. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the other side of the coin: what you can do to ensure that your staircase is as safe as possible for visitors.

  • Make sure your stairs are well lit. Place on/off switches at both the top and bottom of the staircase. This is not the place for mood lighting—bright is best.
  • Don’t clutter the stairs with decorations. Decorating is nice, but cluttering the stairs is dangerous. Don’t place any sort of object on the stairs and don’t crowd the handrail with decorations, either.
  • Make sure your handrail is secure. The handrail should be able to hold the weight of an adult in case a fall accident occurs and the victim needs to stop their fall by clinging to the railing. Also, be sure the handrail is the proper height and length.
  • Add traction. Polished wood or slick carpet might look nice, but safety is more important than appearance when it comes to staircases.
  • Avoid throw rugs. If your staircase does have carpeting, be absolutely sure that it is secure. Many fall accidents occur because of torn or loose carpeting. Avoid placing throw rugs at the top or bottom landing of your stairs.
  • Consider covering exterior stairways. Outdoor slip and fall stairway accidents in California often occur because of wet or slick stairs. Having a covered stairwell might prevent a number of these accidents.

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