Our Personal Injury Attorney in Orange County Reveals that Insurers Are Not Afraid of Court

Orange County personal injury attorneys - hand injuryEven if it may seem financially feasible to settle a case for $7,500 rather than going to trial with a potential of a $15,000 verdict, a personal injury attorney in Orange County knows that sometimes, insurance companies prefer to take a case to trial to make a statement: they are not afraid of going to court.

No Fear for the Courtroom

In a litigious society, insurance companies are frequently faced with fraudulent or exaggerated claims. When any element of a claim is questionable, or if the plaintiff’s claims seem dishonest or unreasonable, insurance companies will take cases to trial. For example, if you could be liable for the accident resulting in your injuries or if the extent of your injuries is unsupported, you will most likely find yourself heading to trial. The main reason why insurance companies would rather spend more money in litigation than to just settle is to deter other similar claims from being asserted. Litigation, after all, is expensive and time consuming for both the insurance company and the plaintiffs.

No Questionable Claim is Worth an Unreasonable Settlement Just to Close a File

Insurance adjusters will not compromise the value of a case just to close a file, even with their substantial caseload. Once litigation is filed on a claim, defense attorneys become the primary case handlers so long as the adjuster is available to provide information.

Settlements Are Eventually Overseen by At Least One Superior

At some point, settlements are reviewed and may be questioned by an adjuster’s superior. If the settlement value is not appropriately documented or supported, the adjuster’s job could be at risk, especially if the superior believes that the settlement was too high and unreasonable. Thus, an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Orange County will not question the adjuster’s need to receive relevant documents needed to substantiate and support a claim to justify the settlement. Without these documents, settlement negotiations can be drawn out or settlements are unpaid.

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