Juror Motivation

Riverside Personal Injury LawyerWhen a Riverside personal injury lawyer argues a case before a jury, he or she must keep in mind that proper understanding of human nature will have a substantial impact on the outcome of the trial. Like most people, jurors have personal philosophies that are guided by values, and they thrive on motivation and significance. Each time a jury is assembled, there is a certain expectation of a conflict that must brought to a just resolution. A seasoned Riverside personal injury lawyer will present a case in a story-like fashion by guiding the jurors through details and circumstances that call for their wise intervention. The idea is to give jurors an opportunity to be heroes and to let them know that certain values must be upheld for the purpose of imparting justice. In a product liability case, an effective argument before a jury will consist of explaining how the jury’s decision will impact more than just the plaintiffs; the decision can make a difference because it will set standards of safety that can protect families. Introducing the values of a case is something that experienced attorneys establish during the early stages of the trial. Values matter to jurors; otherwise, they will not be sitting in the courtroom exercising their civic duty. When lawyers continue to apply the message of values throughout the trial, they are effectively creating a bond between their clients and the jurors. It is easier to obtain a positive outcome in a case when jurors feel that they can make a difference with their decision. Jurors are affected by what is known as the availability bias, whereby they may come to certain decisions that protect the interests of insurance companies and profitable businesses; this is a result of years of lobbying and tort reform. For this reason, personal injury and product liability attorneys must approach each jury trial from a point of view that supports values, empathy and motivation. Failure to do so may prevent a positive outcome since the jurors will be aligned with what they know and suspect: that plaintiffs are out to make a quick buck at the expense of increased insurance premiums.

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