$1,100,000 | A 37-year-old electrician sustained major head trauma after falling fifteen feet on to his head from a defective lift.

Electrician sustained major head trauma

A 37-year-old electrician sustained major head trauma when he fell from a fifteen-foot height out of the “bucket” attached to a forklift that the defendant’s employee failed to secure despite informing the client that he had secured it.  As a result of the fall, he was rendered unconscious and was rushed to the local emergency room.  Although he regained consciousness in route to the hospital he began to experience brain trauma symptoms including sensitivity to light, mood fluctuations, short-term memory loss, and constant fatigue.  Despite his own workers compensation doctor declaring him to be a malinger (the workers comp carrier took a secret video, edited it to reflect the client in a bad light, and sent it to the doctor who took the video at face value), the claim was resolved for $1,100,000 with the workers comp carrier waiving their $375,000 lien.

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