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Helping People With Their Wrongful Death Claims

Read the many ways Russell & Lazarus have successfully resolved their clients’ accident claims. While these results are never guaranteed for other cases, these case results will show you the importance of hiring an experienced law firm that handles only personal injury claims.

When an accident results in a fatality, surviving family members may be entitled to damages. A wrongful death action can be emotionally taxing and extremely difficult to prove. For this reason, you will want to work with an Orange County wrongful death attorney.

Generally, a wrongful death lawsuit must be brought by a personal representative of the victim. Similarly, any monetary award is typically distributed to the estate of the deceased. An experienced Orange County wrongful attorney can help walk you through the steps of bringing a wrongful death action.

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Wrongful Death Case Results

Proving a Wrongful Death Lawsuit with an Orange County Accident Lawyer


Even if an accident results in a fatality, this does not automatically mean that damages will be awarded. Instead, you will to work with an Orange wrongful death attorney to help prove the necessary elements of a wrongful death:

  • Death. A wrongful death action is separated from other negligence actions due to the death of the victim.
  • Caused by Negligence. The accident needs to be caused by the other party’s negligence. An Orange County accident attorney can help you review the circumstances of the accident to see if negligence or carelessness is present.
  • Survival of Family Members. The plaintiff needs to have the requisite relationship to the deceased.

It should be kept in mind that, unlike other personal injury claims, wrongful death actions are not brought on behalf of the deceased, but for losses suffered by immediate survivors, which is usually the spouse and dependent children.

Damages You Can Collect with the Help of an Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney

There many different types of monetary awards that an Orange County accident attorney can help you collect in a wrongful death action. Some of these include:

  • Loss of support. The amount you can recover can depend upon the age of the deceased, earning capacity, and other factors.
  • Medical expenses. These can include hospital bills, therapy, medicine and drugs, and other expenses.
  • Punitive damages. You may be entitled to punitive damages in egregious cases where the court wants to punish or make an example of the defendant. You will want to talk to an Orange County accident attorney to learn about the availability of punitive damages.

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