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Car Accident Compensation

An Orange County Personal Injury Law Firm Explains Tips for Settling Car Accident Compensation Claims Anyone who has been involved in vehicle accident understands how frustrating and sometimes frightening such an experience can be. It is important that you work with an Orange County personal injury law firm if you have been in an accident, […]

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Types of Car Accidents

Our Riverside Personal Injury Attorneys Explain Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents Everyday, people are injured and killed in automotive accidents. Many of these accidents are completely preventable. Read below for information regarding common causes of motor vehicle accidents. Despite your best efforts, if you are injured in an automotive accident, consider contacting a Riverside […]

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Independent Medical Examination

Your Rights and Responsibilities at an Independent Medical Examination Whenever any person puts his or her mental or physical condition at issue in any case in which compensation is sought, the insurance company or other responsible party defending the case has a right to have an “independent” physician examine the plaintiff. The request for an […]

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Personal Injury Claims Process

What Is the Timeline for the Personal Injury Claims Process? When you have been injured in an accident, you may wonder if your claim necessitates a call to a personal injury attorney in Orange County. While it is true that some small claims may be able to be settled without the help of a lawyer, […]

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Personal Injury Compensation

How Your Insurance Company Will Evaluate Your California Injury Claim If you have been injured in an accident in Orange County, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. But how will the insurer evaluate your claim? First, you will need to speak to your own insurance company after the accident, and they will conduct […]

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