Personal Injury

An Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses the Basics of Truck Accident Law

If you’ve been injured as a result of a truck accident, you may feel overwhelmed trying to understand the applicable law and determining who may be legally responsible. An experienced Orange County truck accident lawyer can walk you through what to expect. An Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Who May Be Legally Responsible for a Truck […]

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10 Hot-Button Jury Issues in Auto Accident Cases

Your Orange County car accident attorney will handle jury selection if your case goes to trial. During jury selection, lawyers get to ask questions of jurors about their background and viewpoints in an effort to weed out those with prejudices against you that might affect their ability to be fair. Many people choose to hire […]

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The 3 Stages of a Personal Injury Case

Your basic rights are protected by the legal system. It is there for you, and you should not be intimidated to use it. Newport Beach personal injury lawyers can affirm that there are usually three different stages of a personal injury case.

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Simple Rules for Giving Good Deposition Testimony

It is not necessary to be gifted at public speaking to do an excellent job when testifying in court. By listening to the advice of your accident attorneys in Orange County, holding to these five points and trying to avoid a few common mistakes, you won’t have a problem when giving testimony. A good testimony […]

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